Directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa

The cursed video has now moved online and causes anyone who watches it to commit suicide. The video was originally a live broadcast aired by an artist called Seiji Kashiwada (Yûsuke Yamamoto) in which he committed suicide and everyone who watched it is dead. Kashiwada is trying to resurrect Sadako and elliminate everyone. Akane Ayukawa (Satomi Ishihara) is a teacher who loses a pupil to the cursed video. She manages to rescue another pupil but brings the curse upon herself and her boyfriend Takanori Ando (Kôji Seto).

I didn’t watch it in 3D unfortunately but I could clearly see certain bits that would be jumping out at me if I had. That’s not really a good thing as it’s pretty distracting but it’s an age-old problem with watching 3D films in 2D when the 3D effects are so deliberately staged. Yes, I would love to watch this in 3D, why not? It’d be cool but most 3D films today are easily converted to 2D without noticeable consequences so I felt that this was primarily to be viewed in 3D and the filmmakers didn’t take the conversion to 2D into account.

That aside I thought it was a pretty good film. I’ve read some damning reviews of it and some of what I read is understandable when you take Ringu (リング) (1998) into account; Ringu (リング) was an outstanding film and anyone expecting something of that quality will be disappointed. However, I found myself getting into it from the start and I did enjoy it. I liked the cast for one, decent acting, I also liked the story. I’ve seen Ringu (リング) and its sequels, except Rasen (らせん) ( Spiral) (1998), and they are better films than this but I still thought it was OK. There’s a little bit of desecration going on here, avoid it if that bothers you, but it’s fun and sequels really don’t have any power to detract from the originals, contrary to rumour.

I’d recommend it as a night of entertainment but I’d recommend the other Ringu (リング) films more so maybe check them out instead. But I will be honest and I honestly thought Sadako 3D (or 2D) was thoroughly entertaining and I am looking forward to the sequel. Just don’t expect Ringu (リング).