This time it’s spreading

Directed by Ti West

Reviewed by Deep Red

Ti West also directed The House of the Devil [2009], The Innkeepers [2011] and V/H/S (segment “Second Honeymoon”) [2012].

Love the original, think the third one is pretty good so how good was Cabin Fever 2: Spring Break?

Well, like the other Cabin Fever films it delights in gore. All the Cabin Fever films are very different though, this one is about a high school and the prom with infected bottled water thrown in. It’s very trashy and fairly mindless with gross-out black humour which may turn some people off but personally I think it’s the funniest of the three, Giuseppe Andrews as Deputy Winston is particularly amusing.

I love the fact they play the song “Prom Night” from the film Prom Night [1980] at the prom; nice touch!

The gore is pretty disgusting in places I warn you so the easily offended might want to walk on by or at least bring a sick bag. It’s pretty insane shit, even more so than the other films. Personally I think the black humour and the extreme gore/violence sit quite uncomfortably beside each other but it works. The ending was pretty unexpected. Mad shit.

It’s fun. The original Cabin Fever is the best but this and Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero are both pretty good films that I’d recommend and watch again myself with pleasure.

Stars Giuseppe Andrews as Deputy Winston, Noah Segan as John, Alexi Wasser as Cassie, Rusty Kelley as Alex, Regan Deal as Liz, Michael L. Nesbitt as Johnny the Janitor, Thomas Blake Jr. as Rick, Amanda Jelks as Frederica, Marc Senter as Marc, Lindsey Axelsson as Sandy, Michael Bowen as Principal Sinclair, Angela Oberer as Ms. Hawker and Mark Borchardt as Herman.