Based on the true story.

Directed by Tom Elkins

Reviewed by Deep Red

I love a good ghost story. The first film, The Haunting in Connecticut (2009), was great but I like the fact that Ghosts of Georgia tells a completely new story. The Haunting in New York is in development at the moment so this could develop into a really good series.

Stars Abigail Spencer as Lisa Wyrick, Emily Alyn Lind as Heidi Wyrick, Chad Michael Murray as Andy Wyrick and Katee Sackhoff as Joyce.

Also stars Morgana Shaw as Lisa’s Mother, Grant James as Mr. Gordy, Lance E. Nichols as Pastor Wells, Brad James as Prentiss, Cicely Tyson as Mama KayJaren Mitchell as Levi and Lauren Pennington as Nell.

The Wyrick family, Chad, Lisa and their little daughter Heidi move into their new home in the country and are soon joined by Lisa’s sister Joyce. Lisa, Joyce and Heidi all have a gift, they were born with a veil and are natural mediums. Heidi starts seeing and talking to ghosts connected to the history of the place.

This is every bit as good as the original, whatever you might have read. It has a very spooky atmosphere and is very nicely made. The cinematography is great, capturing the first-class locations beautifully, and the special effects work. This is definitely for people who like by the book films about the supernatural, count me in, and while it’s not groundbreaking it does what it does well. The acting is great, the characters aren’t annoying at all, so there are no problems there. I think it manages to maintain it’s suspense throughout and the zombie-like ghosts are a nice touch. The conclusion is very good.

My advice is, wind your neck in, turn off the lights and get into it, you might enjoy it. Based on one or two reviews I read before I watched it I was expecting something truly awful so it was a great surprise really, a quality film. Pretty amazing true story too! Just goes to show, strange things happen in this world. The Blu-ray includes a short documentary called Seeing Ghosts: The True Story of the Wyricks which is very interesting.