Satan has created the perfect killer. One who cannot be stopped. Be warned.

Directed by Robert Resnikoff

Reviewed by Deep Red

Aka Pentagram aka Transit. With the help of psychic Tess Seaton (Tracy Griffith), cop Russell Logan (Lou Diamond Phillips) captures serial killer Jeff Kober (Patrick Channing) whose nickname is the Pentagram Killer. Despite Logan’s promise to the psychic of no death penalty, Kober is executed.

Tess confronts Logan and tells him Kober’s spirit has been released and he has become a force able to possess bodies at will.

Also stars Mykelti Williamson as Detective Oliver Franklin, Clayton Landey as Mazza, Carmen Argenziano as Lieutenant Grimes, Dennis Lipscomb as Commander Al Perkins (named after Alfred Hitchcock and Anthony Perkins), Elizabeth Arlen as Sister Marguerite, Julianna McCarthy as Grandmother and Hansford Rowe as Father Brian.

Excellent cast, excellent story, part action/cop film, part horror. A classic in my book, sort of film you can watch and enjoy over and over again. It’s pacey and blends its two sides together effortlessly. I like films where cops meet the supernatural, Fallen (1998) being another great example and indeed Shocker (1989) directed by Wes Craven; if you enjoyed either or both of those and haven’t seen The First Power then I highly recommend it. It’s a great example of this kind of horror.

Nothing at all wrong with The First Power, Lou Diamond Phillips isn’t an actor you hear much about these days which is a shame as he makes a strong lead and Patrick Channing is a good antagonist as Kober. Enough special effects to keep it interesting but with an emphasis on story which works, I think the 90s got off to a blinding start with films like this. An action-packed finale gives us a satisfactory conclusion.