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Victor Frankenstein (2015) Review

victor-frankenstein-2015Victor Frankenstein (2015)

“Igor: It’s alive.
Victor Von Frankenstein: Isn’t that rather obvious?”

Another Frankenstein film but one which tells it from the point of view of Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant Igor here played by Daniel Radcliffe.

Igor is a clown in a circus that is bullied and mistreated due to his hunchback but after his quick thinking saves the life of one of his fellow performers, this impresses Victor so much that he breaks Igor out of the circus leading to a death and bringing them to the attention of Inspector Turpin.

Now the Inspector doesn’t believe the false story he is given about the breakout and in fact works out what really happened but still decides to paint them as murderers due to his suspicions that Victor is the same person harvesting animal parts.

You see Turpin is a devout Christian and as arrogant and steadfast in his views as Victor is in his.
This leads to a clash of ideologies that preys far more on the Inspectors mind and is the primary driving force in him hunting Victor.

I liked watching two people who have such strong motivations but both betray the core of their ideologies in their single-minded pursuit.
They are basically mirror images of each other.

Good solid performances from everyone but Andrew Scott who played Inspector Turpin is playing his character far too similar to how he played Moriarty in Sherlock. You could swear you was watching Sherlock if you walked in half-way through onto a scene involving him.

Aesthetically I like this a lot. Victorian London looks as dirty then as high society as needed so no complaints there.
Effects wise prosthetic’s and practical effects are favoured such as for the animal abomination he creates with CGI used when practical can’t to varying degrees but mostly they are suitable.
The monster himself looks great. The film-makers have gone for a contemporary slant on the classic Boris Karloff version giving the viewer a sort of Universal Monster\Juggernaut from Thirt13en Ghost (2001) combination look.

At least to me it did.

Not particularly gory as this is more about the characters but the draining of the abscess did remind me of every huge spot I’ve ever popped so I could only feel Igor’s relief.

Not outstanding, this is probably worth a watch at best though I can see it having its fans, I would recommend giving this a go at least.

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