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The Uninvited (2009)

Fear moves in

Directed by The Guard Brothers

Reviewed by Deep Red

The Uninvited is a remake of the South Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) directed by Kim Jee-woon.

Stars Emily Browning as Anna, Arielle Kebbel as Alex, David Strathairn as Steven, Elizabeth Banks as Rachel, Maya Massar as Mom, Jesse Moss as Matt, Dean Paul Gibson as Dr. Silberling, Kevin McNulty as Sheriff Emery and Lex Burnham as Iris.

Anna attempts to commit suicide after her terminally ill mother dies in a fire in a boathouse. Ten months later Anna is released from a mental hospital and goes home to live with her father, Steven, his girlfriend Rachel, who used to be her mother’s live-in nurse, and her sister Alex. Anna begins to see things including her dead mother who tells her that the fire wasn’t an accident but that Rachel murdered her. She arranges to meet her old boyfriend, Matt, who knows something about the night her mother died but he fails to show up. Later that night Matt climbs in through her window, he tells Anna her mother tried to warn him….

Beautiful cinematography and decent acting. It’s got great characters and a great story. The special effects are nicely done. This really is a quality film. The story really pulls you in from the start and keeps you watching till the very end. Outstanding film.

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