From the director of Zombi 2 and The Beyond

Directed by Lucio Fulci

Reviewed by Deep Red

Aka When Alice Broke the Mirror

Brett Halsey stars as Lester Parson, a murderer/cannibal who cooks and eats parts of his victims and feeds the rest to his pigs:

“We all get our fair share.”

I fucking love Fulci!

Anyway, Lester makes recordings of his own voice so he can hold conversations with himself, gambles, he owes money to Randy (Al Cliver), and finds women in the personal ads.

He meets alcoholic Maggie (Sacha Darwin) who has a moustache and warts on her breasts, films them having sex and so on and then tries to poison her but she vomits so he resorts to other methods. He dumps her body in some fresh cement but a tramp (Marco Di Stefano) sees him and makes the mistake of blackmailing him….

I don’t want to say anything else about what happens, spoilers, it’s an absolute delight, freakin’ weird and proper gory in places. Fulci fans will find this a joyous experience I’m sure, I did. Of course it’s not up there with Zombie Flesh Eaters [1979] or The House by the Cemetery [1981] and so on, Fulci classics, but it’s a great little film nonetheless and a must-see for true fans of the great man.

Whenever I watch a Fulci film it just makes me feel great; I’m sure other horror fans would agree that trawling through new titles for a decent film can be an arduous and disillusioning experience. Then you watch a film like this and remember exactly why you’re a horror fan to begin with. The 70s/80s are definitely where it’s at for me and Touch of Death is one more film that reaffirms this.

It may not be to everyone’s tastes but then, what is?


Also stars Ria De Simone as Alice, Zora Kerova as Virginia and Maurice Poli as TV Newscaster.