…I love to hear my victims moan…

Directed by .

Written by Lamberto Bava, Diego Cestino, Luciano Martino, Dardano Sacchetti, Michele Massimo Tarantini and Andrea Valentini.

Ginette (Elena Bouryka) is a member of a theatre group who goes to an audition for director Alex Sherba (Simone Corrente). While auditioning she finds an earring which she believes belongs to her missing friend Marsha (Valeria Cramerotti). Ginette and Alex end up getting together and she playfully locks Alex in the bathroom. Alex goes crazy and tears the bathroom door apart with his bare hands. He then has rough sex with Ginette.

The next day, Alex takes Ginette to meet his mother, Carla (Carla Cassola), and stepfather and agent, Hector Moscale (Emilio De Marchi) at their mansion. His mother suffers from some kind of mental illness and talks repeatedly about voices. Alex himself seems to suffer from the same condition. Ginette also meets Sehare (María Blanco-Fafián) who is the family’s housekeeper.

Another girl, Cindy (Alevtyna Huzar), goes to an audition for Alex too and gets a callback along with two other gorgeous girls, Monica (Eleonora Sannibale) and Terry (Martina Micozzi).

Ginette, who has learned that her friend Marsha also went for an audition, returns to Alex’s home and breaks in looking for her. She is interrupted by Alex and flees into the grounds of the mansion where she meets Carla Sherba wandering around in the rain still talking about voices.

Meanwhile the girls at the audition have their own problems as things turn nasty.

Beautiful girls, gore and a pounding soundtrack by Paolo Vivaldi, The Torturer is a great little Italian thriller, a new  I’d say. There are scenes which would probably be cut in some versions as we’re talking sexual violence so you might want to check that out. It is fairly predictable, I guessed the identity of the killer early on, as you probably will yourself, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Lamberto Bava is one of my favourite directors so I might be slightly biased.

If you can track it down I’d take a look.

In my next review I’ll be looking at ‘video nasty’ Unhinged (1982). So, until then…

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