Being a fan of Lucio Fulci I was quite looking forward to this made for Italian TV offering from the 80s. I was aware before buying a copy that it probably wasn’t going to be one of Fulci’s better films but having already seen and enjoyed The House of Clocks to some extent, also ’89 and made for TV, I thought it might be worth a watch.

The film starts with a couple returning home and disturbing a masked intruder. We are then treated to some trademark Fulci gore, which thankfully seemed uncut, as the intruder attacks and murders the couple.

Another couple then moves into the house to look after the murdered couple’s two children and so begins a very odd tale of the supernatural.

I couldn’t really recommend this film to anyone, except maybe ardent Fulci fans; other than the aforementioned opening scene there is very little on offer. The film certainly isn’t scary and poor special effects and woeful English dubbing dominate an already badly executed story. There is even some very unnecessary slapstick which seals it fate.

Did I like it? Well, it does feel like a Fulci film and there were scenes that were kind of OK; the opening scene was very promising but things really went downhill after that and I found it fairly bland and uneventful. I’d say of all the Fulci films I’ve seen this would have to place at the very bottom.