A collection of posters for the Subspecies series including variations.

Main Series


LaserDisc Cover

Alternate Posters

The Vampire Journal was a spin-off but was re-packaged as Subspecies 5 in places even though the film came out after Subspecies 3 and Subspecies 4 is a direct follow on.

In Germany to cash in on Twilight they re-packaged these films as Subspecies: In The Twilight with covers that have people who aren’t even in the film. The law in Germany is such that they have to have the age rating on the front in Large print which can ruin a decent sleeve so to get round this companies will make sleeves reversible that don’t have the rating printed on them.
For Subspecies this means the reversible side has the original covers on them. Thankfully.
Here’s the appalling Twilight inspired covers.