Mexican horror (with subtitles) written and directed by Jorge Michel Grau. There’s also a remake by director of Stake Land (2010) Jim Mickle; I really want to see both of those.

After their father dies his three teenage children, Sabina (Paulina Gaitan),  Julián (Alan Chávez) and Alfredo (Francisco Barreiro) must take over his role as ‘providers’ for the family with Alfredo, the eldest son, as the new ‘leader’; the only other member of their family is their mother. Now, I don’t think it’s giving too much away to say they’re a family of cannibals, as the poster pretty much tells us that much, but as one review I read pointed out ‘the less known about the storyline the better’ and I fully agree.

So what can I say? Well it’s a very impressive film, very compelling to watch, and although it’s a very different film from ‘Let the Right One In’ (2008) (one poster/cover says it ‘does for cannibals what ‘Let the Right One In’ did for vampires’) it does move at a similar pace; it’s as much an intense drama as it is a horror film similarly too. It’s beautifully shot and acted and draws you in to the plight of the family expertly.

I was a bit worried when I noticed it was a 15 certificate as that can mean it lacks punch but after watching the film I would say it doesn’t particularly lack anything. It’s subtly disturbing without being OTT, so if you want OTT you might be disappointed, but it is engrossing and unique, yes, I would say that. If I have a criticism it would be that it didn’t blow me away; ‘Let the Right One In’ did blow me away. But I did enjoy the little journey ‘We Are What We Are’ took me on.

I found this film very difficult to review and having only seen it once I’m not even sure whether or not I liked it. I’m not comfortable recommending it at the moment as I’m not really sure what to make of it but I’ve tried to lay down a few valid points about it. Have I succeeded? I dunno..

Amateur reviewing isn’t easy at all but I would say everyone should try it as it’s sort of fun and does make you consider films from a new and different perspective; you don’t want to mislead people but you have your own tastes to contend with at the same time. I admire reviewers who can virtually ‘nail’ anything as I constantly struggle trying to reach that level.

I am looking forward to the remake.