Sharknado 3Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015)


“I feel for the sharks,
but they’re wrecking our schools,
our hospitals, our roads.”


*There will be spoilers*

Oh god, SyFy made another one. Well two, I have Part 4 to watch tomorrow.
As in Sharknado 2 this one opens with with Fin inexplicably caught in yet another Sharknado while on his way to the White House to receive an award for stopping the other two sharknados.

The first thing you’ll spot are the cameos. Lou Ferrigno as Agent Banner and Ann Coulter as the US Vice President.
That is correct. Can you imagine her as Vice President to Donald Trump or even Hillary Clinton.
Just think at how much sooner America would start a nuclear war.

Cameos are littered throughout the film which shows the cult status this series has received.
Here are a few… Penn & Teller, Michael Winslow, Jackie Collins, WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, Tim Russ from Star Trek: Voyager, Jerry Springer, George R.R. Martin, Bo Derek, David Hasselhoff and Jedward!

Fucking Jedward. There are far far more cameos but those would be recognisable only to American audiences.

This time multiple sharknados are going to merge to form one giant sharknado wall that will destroy the east coast of America.
Fin must get to his family who are at Universal Studios and stop the upcoming disaster.

The bits not to do with the shark attacks, the slow boring “drama” parts aren’t very entertaining and all by the book.
I wish someone would write a new book.
As painful as they are to watch they only make up a small part of the film and we are only here for the sheer absurdity during the shark attacks and how Fin will stop them.

The bits in Universal Studios are a lot of fun. The amount of access given to the filmmakers especially with being able to film on the Disaster! ride do make for entertaining scenes. I also liked the use of footage from a Nascar race crash that was altered so it was caused by falling sharks.

Like the previous film this one is aware of how it supposed to be a bad film and runs with it but unlike part 2 Oh Hell No! misses the mark more times than it hits.
It is still head and shoulders above all the other shite The Asylum and SyFy channel spew out.
It made me laugh a few times and definitely wasn’t predictable outside of the “drama” bits with where the story was going.

Continuing to increase the WTF! factor as the film goes on it ends up in space with Fin and his dad attempting to use an improved Ronald Reagan era like Star Wars defence space laser.
This brings the sharks into space where one eats Fins wife April.
April is heavily pregnant throughout this film and Fin does mention that she is about to drop yet she manages to put herself in his way several times and at one point leads her to having to hold on with her cybernetic hand to the open door of the space shuttle as it is about to launch.

So she is eaten and Fin jumps out of the shuttle orbiting earth and allows himself to be eaten by another shark to find her.
He falls to earth and crawls out of the shark. Hearing a chainsaw he spies a shark being cut open from the inside but instead of April coming out his newborn baby does instead.
That’s right, she is swallowed whole on the orbiting space shuttle.
Falls to earth inside the shark,
Gives birth within the shark and survives the re-entry as well as the shark landing on land.

When I type it out it does sound a tad silly but fuck that was so silly it was entertaining.
Space debris then falls from the sky and the viewer is left with wondering does it hit April or not leading to a vote for whether she survives for Sharknado 4.

Whilst not as good as Sharknado 2 this is still good for a watch if you have the stomach for this nonsense.
And it is nonsense.

I do so roll on Sharknado: The 4th Awakens.
Hopefully better than The Force Awakens.