Two young women are abducted from a car park and taken to a barn where they’re held captive. While this is happening a gang of kidnappers are abducting a child for a huge ransom.

Eventually the two stories converge which I think is pretty inevitable from early on that they will, so I wouldn’t consider this a spoiler.

I think there are some good strong scenes in this film and some strong acting too; the portrayal of the fear of the two women in the barn packs a decent punch in my opinion. The film is never too routine, it builds slow then moves at a fair old pace to its conclusion and ultimately left me thinking, you know what, I kinda liked that. Various scenes throughout the film got my attention as they were executed well, likewise parts of the plot struck me as pretty daring,

Something tells me it won’t be for everyone so I’m not going to recommend it too vehemently even though I did enjoy it myself and I’m looking forward to watching it again.

Overall, something of a surprise.