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Ratings Board Bans ‘Morgue Street’

What’s the quickest way to draw uber-attention to a movie?

Good production? Great reviews? Viral marketing?

Nope. It turns out that the answer is to get banned.

Perhaps luckily then for the producers of ‘Morgue Street’, the Australian Classification Board have rejected it with a RC rating just two days before it’s premier screening.

According to

All press is good press and the easiest way to generate a ton of buzz on the blogs is to get your movie banned by the ratings board. Granted this wont help with their sales in Australia but it will be a great marketing gimmick to promote the film across Europe, Asia and North America.

Not to mention they now have some of the leading horror blogs including ours writing about their movie bringing their film exposure to literally hundreds of thousands of die hard genre fans. Every film needs that special something to get it attention with the literally thousands of shorts being made each year and a good old fashioned banning definitely is a start.

But what about the movie itself?

Well, it still remains to be seen if it’s any good… so here’s a teaser:

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