First off, I was surprised when I found out this has Christian Slater in it; I’m not really sure why, he is an actor.

Anyway, the film opens with a great scene that promises much. I don’t want to spoil it though by describing it; all I’m saying is that some decent effects, some decently executed violence ‘off the bat’ so to speak and you’re not instantly on a downer.

Then we’re into familiar teen horror territory but it seems likeable; the ‘four kinds of orgasm’ gag was funny. The teens are making a horror movie of a historical series of murders in their town’s history which I thought was an interesting premise, however, it drifts away from this idea quite quickly and becomes a bit tedious as the plot unravels.

It’s a well-made film but it’s not scary, well I didn’t think so. It’s fairly suspenseful and the acting’s solid enough, and as I mentioned earlier the effects, what there are, are done well and don’t let the film down in any respect.

It just doesn’t have a particularly strong plot and if compared to The Ring (original or remake), although I didn’t think there was any great resemblance, Playback just doesn’t compare.

A reasonable watch. I’d watch again, but that’s me.