It doesn’t have to end this way

Directed by Chris Shadley

Reviewed by Deep Red

Aka 9ine aka Saw Butchery

Stars Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) as Kelley.

Nine people, including Kelley, are kidnapped and taken to a locked room where they’re handcuffed to poles. Their masked captor tells them that they’re there for a reason and that he’s going to return every ten minutes and kill one of them until they figure out what that reason is. He tells them if they do he’ll free the survivors, notify the police of their location and make a full confession.


Also stars William Lee Scott as Jackson, Chip Bent as Sully, James C. Victor as Eddie Vigoda, Marc Macaulay as Father Francis, Lucille Soong as Nhung Chan, John Cates as Christian, Lawrence Turner as Coogan and Edrick Browne as Leon; these play the other eight captives.

It’s an interesting scenario and the actors are great, I thought so anyway. I’d recommend at least checking it out as I found it an enjoyable enough film to watch, I doubt it’ll blow anyone away though. It’s not in the same league as Saw [2004] for instance.

The characters frantically search for answers so it’s kind of exciting but it always comes across as a movie situation rather than a real-life one, neither the performances nor the script reach the kind of highs that would take. There’s nothing much in terms of gore/violence but things happen so….

It’s just an amiable thriller really, I wouldn’t even say horror, just a good watchable thriller. I got it for a good price, I have no complaints. I liked the ending although from what I’ve read it is generally agreed that it’s pretty bad; I just liked the whole film really. I will watch it again sometime definitely, sort of film I’ll stick on when I can’t think of anything else.