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Nekromantik 2 (1991) [Arrow] Review

Nekromantic-2-Bluray-350x350.jpgNekromantik 2 (1991)

Directed by Jörg Buttgereit Nekromantik 2 is the sequel to his 1987 original film based on necrophilia and starts where the first one left off.

Robert commits suicide and is buried when fellow necrophiliac Monika proceeds to dig him up for her more carnal pleasures.

What ever was wrong with grave digging because you are a mad scientist and need the body parts?

At the local cinema she meets Mark who’s given up waiting for his date and together they go to watch the film on show.
Now this film they see for me is one of two highlights. It is a couple on top of a building eating eggs whilst the man gives a talk on ornithology, oh and both are nude.
It’s absurd and I cannot tell if it is supposed to be artsy like the rest of the film is trying to be or if it is parodying artsy black and white films but I did learn some new facts about birds so, Win.

Either way it is more of a success than the rest of the film.

The problem is funnily enough not with the subject matter of sex with dead bodies but almost everything else.

The scenes go on for far too long and while all have little to no dialogue (the egg eating film has more than enough for this film) they can seem to be lacking in coherency.
Take the fairground date; lots of shots of it seems to be anything they thought would look good while they were there but it doesn’t seem to have to much thought to it.

When Roberts body is dug up it really doesn’t need to go on for so long and why doesn’t Monika get any dirt on herself especially her shoes?

All these scenes are made worse by the score that is simple and lacks variation. I can’t believe they had a live band play the score to a filming for the 20th anniversary. That must have been an easy gig for the performers.

The film should have been 20 or so minutes shorter in my opinion just because there’s so much badly done filler.

The performances though are ok for the most part. The sex scenes are unconvincing and will make you chuckle but for the rest of the film they aren’t too bad.
It’s a shame both actors didn’t put as much effort into them as Mark did when doing his day job in the film; which is dubbing over voices and sound effects for porno’s alongside a woman that rarely does anything so you’d think she forgot why she was there, yet when she starts groaning she has one hell of a manly voice.

And that is this film in a nutshell. Ridiculous through and through.
I think it is serious going by what the director says in one of the documentaries on the Arrow version I have.

He claims it isn’t about glorifying violence in the documentary but that is hard to believe given the pay off for the killer at the end and the fact he then mentions how in Germany you can be arrested for making films that do.
It’s obvious what he’s doing here. The film is very feminist and he admits so, so obviously the violence Monika does to men in this is supposed to be empowering.
They admit it in the documentary and added with the scenes where they show real footage of a Seal being skinned, this is stock footage taken for documentary purposes I assume, and how he keeps talking up how he’s trying to be different all adds up to him making a film to piss people off but pander to certain groups that will no doubt tell him how progressive he is.

The previous time I watched this film the picture quality was really poor so I was worried if the Blu-ray did have a good transfer would that upset the other good aspect of this film the effects.

Thankfully it doesn’t.
The corpses look fantastic. Better than ever and the death scenes are very graphic and bloody.
The fake penises still look fake but they did originally and the transfer to Blu-ray is extremely good for what I assume was an underground film.
Audio is also good and clear. No problems there as well plus the reasonable amount of extras are good and varied with the making off very informative.

In places it shows how they did the effects and that is something that will always get a thumbs up from me.

In conclusion I can only recommend this film if you are already a fan or are so curious you’re willing to pay for a copy.
The picture and sound quality are great on the Blu-ray with extras that delve deeper into the film.
If not a fan or all that into artsy films then this probably isn’t for you but check out the trailer below to help make up you mind.

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