Play It To Death

Directed by Marcus Adams.

Written by Marcus Adams, Eitan Arrusi, Chris Baker, Daniel Bronzite, Andy Day and James Gay-Rees.


La ouija: El juego de los espíritus (The Ouija: The game of spirits)

Czas smierci (time of death)

Kuoleman peli (death game)

Öldüren oyun (Killing game)

Rob (Joe Absolom), Liam (Alec Newman), Spencer (James Hillier), Stella (Lara Belmont), Joe (Mel Raido), Lucy (Marsha Thomason), Webster (Lukas Haas) and Annie (Melanie Gutteridge) are eight clubbers who decide to do a Ouija board for a buzz. It works for them, spelling out A.L.L. D.I.E. and D.J.I.N.N.. Liam freaks out, smashes the glass on the floor and runs off. After finding Liam, Annie returns to the room where they did the Ouija board for her inhaler. Something chases her and she ends up falling to her death through the glass of a skylight into the club beneath.

Lucy is next to be attacked by the Djinn and she tells the others what she’s learned about it. They’re watching the video Webster took of the Ouija board when the fuse blows. Spencer and Webster break into the landlord’s flat, Becker (Tom Bell), when he doesn’t answer to find the fusebox. They find a Ouija board and a shrine to events that include Liam’s father, Paul Brennan (Michael Feast), killing his mother when a Ouija board went wrong in Morocco; this is shown at the beginning of the film and then in flashbacks.

Becker tells Lucy that she has to do a banishing. Liam goes to visit his father in the psychiatric unit where he ended up after killing Liam’s mother…

This very good British/French horror film is well worth a watch. The acting is great, a really decent cast, and the story is pacey and interesting with plenty of tension and some nice frights. It’s a well-made horror film but it’s not effects-heavy, this is a film that puts atmosphere first and I like that. It all leads to a decent enough conclusion too.

I enjoyed it. Check it out.

Also stars Tameka Empson as Girl student, Cyril Nri as Dr. Wilson, Derek Lea as Guard and Joel Pitts as Young Liam.

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