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IIPM Film Festival Entry Details

iipm-festivalInternational Independent
Permanent Memories

The IIPM Film Festival are accepting entries beginning on November 15th 2016 and ending April 1st 2017 to be screened at the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona, Italy between June 8th-11th, 2017 at the 1st annual International Independent Permanent Memories Festival.

From their webpage

International Independent Permanent Memories Festival (IIPMF) will create opportunities for new and emerging work in the cinematic arts because its JURY is comprised of working professionals & specialists of each field in the industry, and winners will get access to a concrete chance to find a worldwide distribution. The IIPM was conceived by Michael Segal (italian actor and producer), who fell in love with cinema as a child and wanted to help independents to have a chance to be noticed.

IIPMF is distinguished by its jurors, all active professionals in the film, television & web industries. Represented experience ranges from low budget independent projects to high budget Hollywood productions & blockbusters, from aspiring talent to Academy Awards winners. IIPMF will also be a marketplace for connecting independent producers, writers, actors and technicians with professionals in their fields and where potential working relationships may arise from this festival.

Standard feature as well as shorts are accepted and must have English subtitles with Italian as well if possible.

Genres include
*Feature 8 categories: Action Movie, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romantic, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi
*Short 9 categories: Action Movie, Animated Film, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romantic, Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi

So if you have a film or a script and meet the rules set out in the link here…

Rules and Regulations

You can submit your entry using a link provided on that page and for more information you can visit their webpage here.

IIPMF Website


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