Home Deadly Home.

Directed by Lewis Abernathy

Reviewed by Deep Red

Aka House IV: Home Deadly Home aka House 3

Yes, this was meant to be House 3. The producers, however, renamed The Horror Show [1989] starring Lance Henriksen House III: The Horror Show so this one became House 4. The Horror Show [1989], apart from its title, is actually unrelated to the series.

William Katt reprises his role as Roger Cobb from House [1986] albeit with a new wife, Kelly (Terri Treas), and daughter, Laurel (Melissa Clayton), who were unheard of in House, he had a son called Jimmy in that one and his wife was called Sandy. Anyway, apart from that….

The family are involved in a car accident and Roger dies in hospital shortly after, burnt to a crisp. His wife and daughter survive, his daughter is now in a wheelchair. They move into the house that Roger left them and Kelly meets housekeeper Verna Klump (Denny Dillon). Roger’s stepbrother Burke (Scott Burkholder) isn’t happy about Kelly’s decision to live in the house and wants the house for his own purposes. Weird things start happening in the house including an appearance by Kane Hodder as The Human Pizza.

This is a very good film actually, especially if you liked the first two, which I did. It’s a fun little movie in a similar vein to the first two and that’s OK by me, I loved ’em. They don’t make films like this anymore, we either get out-and-out comedies or straightforward horror films these days, this kinda thing is sadly missed in my opinion, a decent horror film with a whacky sense of humour. However, it’s not up to the same standard as the first two films, just an OK sequel really. The cast does well and yeah, it’s OK.

Also stars Dabbs Greer as Dad, Ned Romero as Ezra and Mark Gash as Mr. Grosso.