Mary Lou wants to be prom queen, even if it kills her. Again.

Directed by Bruce Pittman.

Written by Ron Oliver.


The Haunting of Hamilton High

1957 and Mary Lou Maloney (Lisa Schrage) is supposed to be there with Billy Nordham (Steve Atkinson) but goes backstage with Buddy Cooper (Robert Lewis). Billy catches them but an unrepentant Mary Lou ends up throwing punch on him. Billy goes to the bathroom to clean up and while he’s there two guys planning a prank involving a stink bomb panic when a teacher, Mr. Romero (Deryck Hazel), shows up and throw it in the trash. Billy retrieves the stink bomb and climbs up onto the catwalk above the stage planning to drop it and ruin Mary Lou’s moment as prom queen. He lights it and drops it but the fuse ignites Mary Lou’s dress and she goes up in flames. As she burns she looks up and sees Billy on the catwalk.

Years later, Vicki Carpenter (Wendy Lyon) wants a new dress for her prom but her mother won’t let her have one. Vicki goes to the prop room looking for a dress and finds an old trunk. She opens it and brings back Mary Lou’s spirit. In the trunk she finds Mary Lou’s sash, cape and tiara. When Vicki’s friend Jess (Beth Gondek) removes a jewel from the tiara Mary Lou’s spirit hangs her from a light using the cape and then throws her out of a window; the jewel reattaches itself to the tiara.

Jess’ death is thought to be suicide. After Jess’ funeral, Vicki visits Mary Lou’s grave. Back at school, Vicki seems to be being taken over by Mary Lou’s spirit and she recognises principal Bill Nordham (Michael Ironside) as Billy. Vicki also starts to see and experience things including a demonic rocking horse.

Father Cooper (Richard Monette), the older version of Buddy Cooper and now a priest, tries to exorcise Mary Lou’s spirit à la The Exorcist (1973), “The body of Christ compels you!”, but his bible goes up in flames. He goes to see Nordham and tells him Mary Lou has come back. Later, Father Cooper is visited by Vicki/Mary Lou and is stabbed to death with a crucifix.

Prom night is fast approaching and Mary Lou wants revenge…

A fantastic, though unconnected, sequel to Prom Night (1980), littered with references (I’ve highlighted a few), with some excellent ideas and effects, a great cast and a great story. It’s constantly inventive and tirelessly entertaining. It’s an 80s classic. If you’re a fan of 80s horror it’s a must-see.

“See you later, alligator.”

Mary Lou

Also stars Louis Ferreira as Craig Nordham, Brock Simpson as Josh, Beverley Hendry as Monica Waters, Terri Hawkes as Kelly Hennenlotter, Jay Smith as Priest, Wendell Smith as Walt Carpenter, Judy Mahbey as Virginia Carpenter and Dennis Robinson as Mr. Craven.

Prom Night series:

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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990)

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