Hey there GORE FREAKS !

The most BEAUTIFUL time of year is coming! YES HALLOWEEN!

Which means blood and guts shall be EVERYWHERE !

So why don’t we spend that day covered in blood and GORE! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a Garbage Disposal Accident ! Enjoy ….


You will need:

>Dark purple eyeshadow

>Yellow eyeshadow

>Red eyeshadow

>Fake blood

>Red cream

>Cotton buds

>Mixture of flour and water

>Toilet paper

1) Create a bruise using all your eyeshadows, creating a diagonal line

2) Add the mixture of flour onto your fingers and part of the skin on your hand that is showing, then cut the cotton buds half way and stick them on 2 middle fingers

3) Add some paper on top

4) Add red cream on top of the paper then add blood

5) Add red cream paint on top of the mixture and pat with a pit of black eyeshadow

Now Scare The SH*T out of your FRIENDS ! :D