Hey there GORE FREAKS !

The most BEAUTIFUL time of year is coming! YES HALLOWEEN!

Which means blood and guts shall be EVERYWHERE !

So why don’t we spend that day covered in blood and GORE! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a Bruises ! Enjoy ….

You will need:

>Dark purple eyeshadow

>Light purple eyeshadow

>Fake blood

>Fake blood

> Purple lipstick

>Yellow eyeshadow

>Green eyeshadow

>Red eyeshadow

Bruised leg
1) Using purple lipstick highlight the area were you want your big bruises to be
2) Start mashing up the lipstick with light and dark purple
3) Start adding some yellow and red colours onto your thigh/leg
4) Add some green and light purple
5) Start making the colours more visible by adding more and mixing them with each other
6) Add a bit of fake blood

Now Scare The SH*T out of your FRIENDS ! 😀

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