IMG_20140904_073529Hey there GORE FREAKS !

The most BEAUTIFUL time of year is coming! YES HALLOWEEN!

Which means blood and guts shall be EVERYWHERE !

So why don’t we spend that day covered in blood and GORE! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a Skinned Alive ! Enjoy ….

You will need:

>Cotton buds

>Dark purple, light purple and yellow eyeshadow

>Fake blood

>Toilet paper

> Red cream paint

>Mixture of flour and water

1) Using the mixture of flour and water create a shredded skin look on your hand
2) Start creating a bruise with dark, light purple and yellow on your forearm
3) Place the 5 cotton buds on your hand so they match your fingers
4) Using red paint cover the paper
5) Add some fake blood

Now Scare The SH*T out of your FRIENDS ! 😀