Hey there GORE FREAKS !

The most BEAUTIFUL time of year is coming! YES HALLOWEEN!

Which means blood and guts shall be EVERYWHERE !

So why don’t we spend that day covered in blood and GORE! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create “Cabin Fever Leg” ! Enjoy ….

You will need:

>Liquid latex

>Dark purple, dark red, dark green and yellow eyeshadow

>Fake blood

>Toilet paper

> Red cream paint

>Mixture of flour and water

>Scar wax

1) Add 10 to 15 layers of liquid latex on your thigh
2) Cut the latex so that it looks like your skin was poping
3) On your knee create a small cut using scar wax
4) On the right side of your leg add the mixture of flour and water and create a cut on your knee using the flour and water
5) Add paper onto the mixture of flour and water
6) Add red paint onto the paper
7) Make the paint darker using purple colours
8) Add dark purple with dark red inside the scar wax wound and  liquid latex spots
9) Start creating bruises all over your leg … play with colours like yellow, green, red and purple
10) Add blood

Now Scare The SH*T out of your FRIENDS ! 😀