An Iranian terrorist attack threatens to wipe out the population of America with a terrible re-animating virus. The infectious outbreak begins in Baltimore and within hours hospitals are inundated with patient upon patient who all share similar symptoms. Local authorities begin to panic at the rapid spread of this illness. Throughout the city, chaos begins to reign as crowds of frenzied, blood-soaked ghouls start to rampage, running police check points and attacking hapless victims unable to get clear of the ensuing mayhem. The centre for disease control in Atlanta are at a loss to what this virus is and although they believe they know where it started, patient zero’s body is nowhere to be found. The lab coats at the CDC reluctantly agree that this plague is a zombie virus, that or Armageddon, and state they’ve already lost control and tell everyone to remain isolated. “Stay in your house… and pray”. Needless to say the infection spreads unchecked and crosses from state to state like wildfire.

This story follows Jack Cutter, a troubled man dealing with his own problems and guilt when the ‘Wrath’, the zombie virus tears through his home town of Newbridge. Before long Cutter and two fellow survivors are fighting for survival, fending themselves against an ever increasing zombie horde as well as threats from other survivors.


I was captivated and intrigued after only the first page of the prologue. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen, how things were going to unfold and how the storyline was going to develop. The first chapter is gritty and graphic and sets the scene for the carnage that is to come. No holds are barred in the description of bloodthirsty chaos that occurs as the undead quickly ravage the city’s population. In the more tense sections of the book I found myself reading faster as if by reading too slow the ghouls would catch up and kill their prey. All in all it is quite an immersive story and is a pleasure to read. The mixture of character development and action is equally balanced and although graphic is easy to read. I read the book in four sittings at home at night, but I believe it is a book you could enjoy anytime, anywhere. This is the first of Nicholas Ryan’s books I have read and I’m now looking forward to reading the two others I have. He’s definitely an author I’m going to keep my eye on. To any fans of the horror or zombie genre I can thoroughly recommend you read Ground Zero, you won’t be disappointed. – The Eyez 187

Available from Amazon on Kindle for $3.10 (£1.40) or on paperback for $8.09 (£5.00); and as such will be money well spent!

Nicholas Ryan is the author of two bestselling zombie novels – Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse and Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse. Ryan’s first novel, Ground Zero was acclaimed by author DJ Molles, as a ‘Bloody zombie smash!’. Nicholas Ryan has just released his newest, soon to be best-selling, horror novel – Dead Rage: A Zombie Apocalypse.