I was watching PewDiePie on YouTube playing one of the many SlenderMan games and it got me thinking about what FREE FPH (First Person Horror, lets see if that will catch on) horror based games are there for home computer owners.

Lets start with a game PewDiePie was playing,

Created by 13 students this is a visually amazing game. I can’t believe that you can get free games that look this good but it’s not all about graphics, what about the game?
The most inventive feature of this game is the layout of the house. You search the house for miniature scale models of rooms in the house then attach to a model puzzle and this then becomes the house.
A short game but packed with atmosphere, one to play. Be warned, if the weeping angels in Doctor Who scared you you might want to avoid this game.

Download or Download Torrent 530MB

Ok so I had to have a Slender Man game problem is there are so many so I chose Haunt because it is beautiful. Following the same formula as the original Slender Man game, Slender: The Eight Pages,  collect pages and don’t get caught. But this has atmosphere and more locations instead of just woods.
Looking for a Slender Man but can’t choose? Try this.

PC 32bit 64bit 338MB
MAC Download 355MB
LINUX Download  354MB

ERIE PC only
Trapped in an abandoned nuclear generator you play a Red Cross investigator sent to find missing locals from nearby Lake Erie. You have no weapons only a can of spray paint to mark where you’ve been to help you navigate through the abandoned plant as you try to uncover what has happened.
You aren’t alone though. You’ll be hunted by mutated experiments as you search for clues.
Again this game looks great.
NOTE: You will need to install Desura to download and play the game

PC Download 424MB

Which is stunning to look at. It reminds me of those magic eye revealed pictures. Everything is Black & White with nice lighting effects.
Story is simple and familiar. You’re trapped in a house and need to escape. This game is also very short. It can be done in 20 minutes and is only 21MB in size.
Give it a go.
It’s playable in 3D so if you are getting a Red Cyan image in the video you need to turn of the 3D effect in the clips search bar.
Download 21MB

As with all these games they are made by very clever people in their spare time and not by a large studio games company so there may be bugs. They won’t harm your computer just be aware.