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The Eye 2 (2004)



For those returning from the dead the punishment is to live…

Directed by the Pang brothers

Reviewed by Deep Red

Rather an unusual sequel in that The Eye 2’s story is not a continuation of the story in The Eye (2002). The only connection storywise is that both films have a female protagonist that sees ghosts, in this case the story is about a woman called Joey Cheng played by Qi Shu.

Both films were directed by the Pang brothers and, like the first film, The Eye 2 is a Hong Kong/Singaporean film, mainly in Cantonese with subtitles.

I quite like what the Pang brothers have done here. Not only do we get a completely new film that stands alone but, at the same time, between this and the original we get two distinct films that feel like they’re set in the same world. Essentially the two films explore different avenues of the supernatural on the same stage.

After attempting suicide with pills, Joey Cheng begins to see ghosts, she also discovers she is pregnant. I don’t really want to say too much about the plot. I think a film like this, so packed with interesting little details, is a minefield of spoilers.

This film is every bit as great as the original. I can’t say which one I enjoyed more. Everything, the soundtrack, the acting, the effects, the cinematography, is at the same level of excellence as the first. This film, like the first, also reaches a conclusion that really is a gift to its audience, the risk of those pesky spoilers prevent me from discussing it in any depth.

Highly recommended, both films. I’ll just give a mention to Eugenia Yuan who plays Yuen Chi-Kei and Jesdaporn Pholdee who plays Sam. Such a big fan of these films.

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