Directed by Bradley Scott Sullivan and starring Indiana Adams as Julie, Kurt Cole as Danny, Madi Goff as Miranda, Niko Red Star as Chris, Emmy Robin as Sophia and Jeremy Vandermause as Steve.

Grindhouse style horror about six members of a volunteer corps “starting the beginnings of a camp for underprivileged youth” in the woods. Following a very cool pre-title sequence we meet the six volunteers, led by Sophia, who chat around the campfire, drink, flirt etc. When one of the volunteers has an accident, Sophia has to drive them to a hospital, leaving the other four in the woods to continue their work. I don’t want to say too much, spoilers, so I’ll leave it there.

The grindhouse style of this film really worked for me, it really is beautifully done. The pre-title sequence sets a dark tone that thankfully continues into and throughout the film. The cast are great and the woods setting is very atmospheric; there really is a sense that the characters are out in the middle of nowhere. The effects are top-notch and shot to perfection; it’s not overly gory, although there is gore, but what there is is done so well that any horror film fan is surely going to love this. The soundtrack adds a nice sinister touch at the right moments.

I haven’t been this impressed by a film for quite a while, I can’t remember exactly when. Loved the ending, loved the film. Please, more like this one. Class.