Lion (2017)


Earlier in the year I wrote a quick article giving some information on director Davide Melini’s upcoming short ‘Lion‘ which you can read HERE.

A young boy is hiding from his abusive parents latest attack in a snowed in cabin whilst his father continues to drink downstairs. Flicking through the channels only stopping to demand more beer and to mock his sons love of Lions he notices something different about the nature programme he has just stumbled upon.

Is there something in the house far worse than his parents and will his parents get a taste of their own medicine?

I liked this. It doesn’t spend too much time setting up the characters. You know the boy is abused and you know his parents are pieces of shit so why spend any more time than needed on this?

With a 10 minute runtime Davide keeps the short simple which I think helps especially given its premise, it is called Lion for a reason, and doesn’t overreach by trying to do too much with the resources available like a lot full length horror films do and he must be doing something right with all the awards this has been picking up.

Be sure to see this when it is released and in the meantime you can check out his other work HERE.