A secret cult of lust-craved witches torturing with fire and desire!

Directed by Hollingsworth Morse

Reviewed by Deep Red

Tom Selleck (Magnum, P.I.) stars as James Robertson, a guy who buys a painting of three witches being burned at the stake as one of the witches looks like his wife Chris (Barra Grant). His wife isn’t too happy, understandably; “Hello darling, I thought you might like this painting of you being burned at the stake.” Good one! Anyway, it isn’t long before weird things start to happen to Chris, and the painting itself.

This is great. It’s everything a 70s film starring Tom Selleck should be and more. It’s just so damn retro, but in the best way. Totally loopy but ridiculously watchable. It’s an American film shot in the Philippines, the locations are awesome. The acting, well it’s Magnum P.I. and who doesn’t like Tom Selleck? Barra Grant is good as his wife and the rest of the cast are OK. The effects are pretty basic I suppose but only add to the film, they suit the age of the film. Other great things about Daughters of Satan, I think, are the cute little story and the atmosphere which is pretty damn good.

If you’re in the mood this film is highly entertaining and if you’re not, well, it might just put you in the mood. Say cheese! And just enjoy it for what it is. Quite a few shots of naked breasts too. I thought I’d mention that as it’s not the sort of thing you’d see in Magnum P.I. but hell, why not? It’s the craziest horror film I’ve seen in a while but it is a decent little horror film that kept me watching and weirdly I want to see it released on Blu-ray, or is that just going too far? I know I could watch it again.

This is a purely personal review so I’m not recommending it as anymore than good old retro fun, you might like it, you might think it’s utter garbage. It belongs to a time and it’s a very cheesy example of that time. I dunno, check it out maybe. Magnum P.I. innit?

Also stars Paraluman as Juana Rios, Tani Guthrie as Kitty Duarte and Vic Silayan as Dr. Dangal.