Written and directed by Kôji Shiraishi.



Mockumentary in which three girls: Mari Iriki, Mayuko Iwasa and Yû Abiru (playing themselves): appear in a reality TV show about the exorcism of the Kaneda family: Tomoe Kaneda and her daughter Miho. They meet the spiritual priest Usui who is going to conduct the exorcism. They immediately witness some strange activity and Usui says he’s going to do the exorcism that night.

That night the girls place numerous cameras around the house and Usui begins. Things turn bad quickly and Usui contacts his master Ryugen for help.

The girls meet Ryugen and he tells them that Miho is connected to ‘something’ in the house.

They return to the house but Mari doesn’t go in, she’s very scared and Ryugen thinks she will endanger the rest of them. The rest go in and later that night Ryugen and Usui start over…

I don’t want to give anything away really. Fans of found footage films, mockumentaries etc. such as Paranormal Activity and Apartment 143 won’t want to know about specific scenes or too much about the pIot I imagine. I thought it was very original for this type of film and some scenes genuinely made me double take.

Some of the effects may prove to be a bone of contention but personally I thought it was a great film. It’s definitely worth a watch and I know I’ll be revisiting it.

It’s on YouTube in high definition so if you get the chance it won’t cost you anything and you might find yourself liking it, I did.

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