Class of 1999Class of 1999 (1989)

“Do you trust him?
Like I trust a vampire to give me a blow job.”

Directed by Mark L. Lester (the L is important so you don’t confused him with the child that played Oliver) and with Malcolm McDowell appearing Class of 1999 is about a school so out of control robot teachers are brought in to bring everyone back in line.

This is the 80’s people so it works.

A sequel to Class of 1984 that starred Roddy McDowell (no relation to Malcolm) and has an appearance from Michael J. Fox but with very little connection other than the name.

In 1999 America where crime and disorder rule the day and it is either school or prison there are “free fire zones” that the police fear to go.
At the moment it seems this film could be predicting America in 2019.
Cody has just been released from prison and on his first day back at school is trying to not fall back to his old gang ways.
He meets new girl Christie as well as the new robot teachers.

Stacy Keach plays Dr. Bob Forrest, who has reprogrammed three military robots to be new teachers at the school.
I can only predict everything going wrong and the viewer being entertained.
So in the robots first test one of them played by Pam Grier goes to her, or its, first class where she, or it, takes on two gang members that has the entire class sitting to attention.

Later we have another robot played by John P. Ryan who played the father in the first two films from the It’s Alive series that takes things a bit further than justifiably beating up a couple of pupils.
Still on the robots side

In fact it took me until the very end before I finally thought that maybe the teachers had gone too far.
Yes they go a little Haywire but apart from that they are effective and exactly what the school needs to control these little shits.
They are more out of control than even the robots become at the end and you know when they go back to school they will continue to be little shits.
If it were up to me I would be willing to give the programme another go.

Pure 80’s goodness. A film that wouldn’t be made today and probably that’s not so bad given how everything modern is cocked up and will cock this up completely.
Lots of bullets and explosions and robot missile arms.
So over the top with a great cast that do look like they are having fun so if you like this sort of 80’s film then you should like this.