Children of the Stars 2012Children of the Stars (2012)

“Wow, This is
an Archangel,
and she’s
telling me I should
have some custard”

Children of the Stars is a documentary by film-maker Bill Perrine about UFO contactee group Unarius (Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science) that claim to advance a new “inter-dimensional science of life” based upon “fourth-dimensional” physics principles.
In reality they seem to be a group that get together waiting for the Space Brothers to return.

The Space Brothers are a sort of coalition of 32 planets who will come back to Earth but only when we are ready to join them.

Another aspect of their beliefs are the past lives they’ve lead. From being Nazi’s to going as far back as the last time the Space Brothers were supposed to visit.
That didn’t go to well as they murdered their leader and founder Ruth Norman which made the Space Brothers think twice before landing and off they went.

Ruth, known as Uriel, and her husband Ernest Norman started Unarius in the 1950’s and made quite a success of it.
Finding members, publishing books, opening centres in other countries and making films but I’ll get to the films in a moment. They along with all members have had past lives including being Jesus himself at one point another member was Lucifer.
No matter how many times all these people are reincarnated the group always manage to find each other.
This sounds dangerous for Ruth and Ernest as their group has a history, or should that be many histories, of killing them.

Starting in the late 70’s the group began producing films, some of which were broadcast in many parts of America.
Now these look fantastic. Very psychedelic and 80’s with incredible costumes for Uriel.
I don’t know what they were taking to come up with not only the look but stories but I want some of it.
With clips spliced throughout the documentary it would’ve been nice to have some on the disc as extras but they are available for free online and I will be watching more than a few of them but for a taster I’ll provide a clip here.

What I liked about the documentary is how the film-maker lets the subjects talk. He doesn’t set out to mock them or discredit them which would be easy with such eccentric characters that hold beliefs that are literately “out there”.

Members of the group have no problem opening up about their beliefs as well as the history of the group. We learn why some are there and get a few inadvertently humorous moments such as two very nice old ladies talking about how they were female members of the Nazi party which meant one had to kill her son.
Like all the stories it is told completely candidly that lead me to wonder at one point if the director has mislead them as to what the documentary was supposed to about.
One of their scientist does address this point somewhat as to what the motivations of director are and how it could be very easy for someone to come in purely to exploit them.
To ridicule them and how he feels that isn’t what is happening.

I agree. These people seem happy enough but misguided. They are happy with what they think and what they follow. I can’t say how much money they have to hand over or how much control over their lives the people they follow have but I don’t feel like this is a Scientology like organisation.

Honest, sincere and told by the people within the group. If you like something different. To get an insight into one of the many unknown and quirky organisations you probably would never have known about I would recommend this.

It would have been nice to hear about and from some of their overseas centres but all in all a fun watch.