Thirty years later and they’re walking again …

Directed by Tor Ramsey

Reviewed by Deep Red

The film starts with Tom Savini running around shooting zombies. Then it moves to 14 years later and a businessman called Joseph Michaels (Philip Bower) is planning to relocate a cemetery with the help of his son, Matthew (Damien Luvara), and a guy called Gregg Peters (Tom Stoviak) so they can build a car dealership. The bodies are actually moved to a mass grave which causes a zombie uprising led by serial killer/rapist turned zombie Abbott Hayes (A. Barrett Worland).

I won’t lie to you folks, this is pretty bad. The acting is woeful for a start and it’s so badly lit, unless that was just the quality of the DVD. Just too dark! You don’t film someone talking while their face is shrouded in almost total darkness, that’s just so amateurish. There’s a bit of a story that explains the title which is OK. The main antagonist/zombie is just not very zombie-like and while the rest are very much Romero-esque, slow-moving and so on, there’s very little to get into. It just seems to imitate Night of the Living Dead (1968) and badly, to the point of being an insult.

The film doesn’t improve as it goes along. It even manages to use squibs badly although it’s usually too dark to see any special effects. And the script? “Don’t make contact with their teeth.” Seriously? Why not just say, “Don’t let them bite you”? Trust me, any amount of fucking with the dialogue isn’t going to stop this boat from sinking.

Also stars Jamie McCoy as Laurie Danesi and Heidi Hinzman as Candy Danesi, both cute, should’ve let them direct it.

Absolutely atrocious.