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The Bloodstained Butterfly (1971) Arrow Release Review

Bloodstained Butterfly 1971The Bloodstained Butterfly (1971)

An Italian Giallo about a young woman that is murdered but when the main suspect is captured more killings occur.

Starting off very similar to What Have You Done To Solange? which is another great film to check out, Bloodstained Butterfly also finishes with a twist or more accurately such an improbable reason for all the killings.

Pulling many connecting threads together whilst throwing out titbits and new angles, twists throughout it never becomes too crowded storywise nor do you see that ending coming.

The cast is fine and from a variety of countries so when I opted to watch the English dubbed Version and not the Italian I found that most was filmed with the actors speaking English then dubbed over with American accents.
That explains why the Italian sports presenter called Football “soccer”.

The viewer is gifted with plenty of beautiful shots of the Italian town the feature was filmed at helped by the 4K transfer giving such a clear picture but Arrow fans have come to expect that by now.

In fact it is so expected taht the only time to bring up the transfer is if for once it isn’t of the high quality as we’re used to.

Included is a short documentary by So Deadly, So Perverse: 50 Years of Italian Giallo Films author Troy Howarth that expalins the importance of 1971 for Giallo before moving on to talking about Bloodstained Butterfly.

One thing people who read my reviews have probably deduced is that I’m not a big fan of modern films overall especially horror.
While this isn’t a horror film it has more quality in it than most of what I have to endure when viewing something newer.
Loved it and I’m sure fans of Giallo will too.

No trailer as I can’t find one so I’ll leave you with the Special Features…

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