BloodRunsColdBlood Runs Cold (2011)

Director: Sonny Laguna
Starsring: Ralf Beck, Elin Hugoson and Hanna Oldenburg

Snowy low-budget slasher film directed by Sonny Laguna. Swedish film filmed in Sweden, English language.
I like it. It’s pretty amazing considering it was made for $5,000. Four people are attacked by a killer who looks a little like the killer in My Bloody Valentine (1981).

It looks great from the snowy setting to the gore. Gets a fair bit of criticism, people pointing out its flaws, but as far as I’m concerned it’s an enjoyable slasher that really delivers, especially considering its minuscule budget.
It’s a nasty little film in places; bravo! Anything else? Yeah, save up $5,000 and make a better one if you’re down on it.

Nah mean?