A gang of masked killers attack a family during a wedding anniversary get-together. The family is staying in a large mansion in the country and consists of the parents, whose wedding anniversary it is, and their grown-up children and their partners.

Fans of Ils (2006) and The Strangers (2008) will probably enjoy this ‘home invasion’ horror as the gang in this is similarly both mysterious and merciless. Also like those films there’s not a whole lot of plot so the tension mostly comes from never knowing exactly what is going to happen next as it becomes a game of survival. There are plot developments further in which I won’t go into (spoilers!) that I felt were a little routine but it was done well so that wasn’t too distracting overall.

It’s pretty fucking brutal in places and that really helps rack up the tension and keep it interesting. The masks add to the fun, coming across as suitably eerie. The soundtrack also adds to the atmosphere giving it a nice dark edge. It’s all set in and around the same place, the mansion, so it’s not big on locations but it’s filmed stylishly enough to overcome this.

I really, really liked it. It doesn’t break any new ground really and it’s its brutal nature that’s its biggest advantage. Oh and I loved the ending.