White settlers is a new British film starring Pollyanna McIntosh who you might remember from The Woman (2011) and Lee Williams from Billy Elliot (2000) and The Tudors (2010).

It’s Ed and Sarah’s first night at their new home – an isolated farmhouse on the Scottish borders . This is should be a new beginning away from their stressful London lives. And at first it is: as they enjoy supper al fresco at sunset, riverside skinny dip.

But as darkness falls, things become eerie. Sarah suspects they’re not alone; Ed goes to investigate and the evening swiftly becomes a nightmare. It dawns on them; they do not belong here. And they certainly aren’t welcome either….

WHITE SETTLERS comes on like a supernatural terror ride. The classic ‘bumps in the night’ scenario; floorboard creaks and shadows. But the moment Ed tells a genuinely frightened Sarah to get a grip, the film bluntly changes direction. And here, is where the game changes. Think STRAW DOGS meets SINISTER.

A film that combines Straw Dogs and Sinister certainty has my interest.

From their Facebook page-

The brains behind GrimmFest – Manchester’s annual cult and horror film festival – bring you their second feature film shooting May 2013.Filming in the heart of the peak district entirely on location we’ve assembled some of the industry’s best. The unit list includes Paul Elkins first AD-ing, Keith Mc Namara and James Swift in the camera dept and Paul Boyce designing make up, who between them have had key roles in the Harry Potter films, Casino Royal and various Ridley Scott Pictures including Gladiator.

Directing is Simeon Halligan. Having pioneered Grimm Fest – one of the North’s best loved festivals, he clearly has a penchant for ‘the dark.’ White Settlers is bound to have a supernatural edge…Hold onto your seats…

Keith McNamara worked in the camera department for Gladiator and Casino Royal, Paul Boyce in Make-up on Harry Potter and War Horse and line producer Charles Bates worked on Tyrannosaur.
This isn’t sounding like your typical haphazard, low budget British horror, Patrol Men I’m looking at you!, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.
Shooting started yesterday, May 12th.