A Film by

Directed by Lucio Fulci.

Written by Lucio Fulci, Daniele Stroppa and Piero Regnoli.


Voices from the Deep

Voices from Beyond was Lucio Fulci’s penultimate film as director, his last being Door to Silence (1991).

The film opens with a mother’s, Lucia Mainardi (Bettina Giovannini), fairly disturbing nightmare in which a child, Davide (Damiano Azzos), is stabbed to death by his father, Giorgio Mainardi (Duilio Del Prete). We then see Giorgio haemorrhaging and dying in hospital. Lucia returns home exhausted.

Mario Mainardi (Pascal Persiano) calls his niece, Giorgio’s daughter Rosy (Karina Huff), and she soon arrives by train.

After the funeral Rosy is visited by her father in a dream while his corpse begins to rot in his grave. He wants her to find out the truth about his death.

Mario gets a phonecall from the hospital saying an accident has prevented Giorgio’s autopsy, a jar containing samples fell and was destroyed; we already know someone did this from an earlier scene. This brings the reading of Giorgio’s will forward and he has left the entire estate to Rosy.

Rosy’s boyfriend Johnny thinks that someone deliberately gave Giorgio glass splinters to eat. Giorgio’s maggoty corpse rots in his grave as Rosy continues to investigate.

Highlights include Lucio Fulci himself as a pathologist performing an autopsy on Giorgio in a gory little cameo. there’s a great zombie-filled nightmare and a delicious dish of eyeballs. I didn’t guess the killer so the mystery works well. I enjoyed Voices from Beyond, watched it twice now, and I think Fulci’s on form here. The music by Stelvio Cipriani compliments the film nicely.

Also stars Sacha Darwin as Dorrie, Frances Nacman as Hilde, Paolo Paoloni as Grandfather Mainardi, Antonella Tinazzo as Rita and Robert Daniels as Doctor.

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