The New ‘Friday the 13th’ Might Be Set in the Past


Early this year director David Bruckner, who had left the “Friday the 13th” project, revealed what his vision was for the new film.  As you might recall one of his ideas included a found footage version of “Friday the 13th.”

TooFab caught up with “Friday the 13th” producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form at WonderCon and asked them about the status of Bruckner’s plans.  It turns out one of Bruckner’s ideas might be sticking around for the future.  Along with the found footage idea, Bruckner wanted to make “Friday the 13th” an ’80s period piece and that idea seems to have struck a chord with the producers.  Here’s what they told TooFab:

“There is truth that this is period,” he confirmed, without saying which period it’d take place in. Fuller quickly added, “And NOT found footage.”

So breath a sigh of relief anti-found footage folks.  It looks like the outrage surrounding the found footage idea has stuck and they seem pretty intent on not following through with that idea.  However, a throwback “Friday the 13th” sounds like a cool idea that would definitely play to the nostalgia crowd.  I think it’s interesting, though, that they didn’t commit to calling it an ’80s film.  Maybe we’ll get a ’90s Jason full of neon colors and grunge rock.

What do you think? Interested in a retro “Friday the 13th”? Let us know down below.


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