Directed by Edward Anderson, Shuttle stars Peyton List as Mel and Cameron Goodman as Jules. Also stars Dave Power as Matt, James Snyder as Seth, Cullen Douglas as Andy and Tony Curran as Driver.

Two young women, Mel and Jules, returning from holidaying in Mexico catch a late-night shuttle bus home from the airport with three other passengers, two young guys called Matt and Seth and a man called Andy. On the way the driver takes a detour to avoid traffic which is when things start to take a turn for the worse.

Fast-paced and well-acted, this is great little thriller. The deserted route the shuttle takes is used to great effect and things get more and more sinister as the plot develops. It’s not a gory film, although it has its moments; it’s real strength comes from never knowing what will happen next or how it’s going to turn out so sticking around to its conclusion is no chore at all, and it was worth it. It’s pretty emotive in places too which adds a lot as you genuinely feel for characters; I thought this aspect of the film was done with a lot of subtlety and not overused.

I would definitely recommend Shuttle as I really enjoyed it and will definitely watch it again, more than once.