Scanners 2 1991Scanners 2: The New breed (1991)

Power doesn’t make you good, Dave. It just makes you powerful. And it makes me hungry. I’m gonna suck you dry, pretty boy

Scanners II is great. No, it’s not as good as David Cronenberg’s original film but as sequels go it’s better than you might expect.
All practical effects which is just brilliant and plenty of Scanning going on in a story that may take a few liberties with Cronenberg’s material but works as an entertaining film in its own right. It’s got pace and action and horror and bloody good effects so if you place the original to one side and enjoy it for what it is then you won’t be disappointed.

It’s nicely photographed and powers along with a decent enough story. It’s a great early 90s horror. Making a sequel to a Cronenberg classic is a bloody tall order so fair play they put a lot of well-realised imagination into it and it works as good as any sequel could hope to.