NotD After Party

Kevin Tenney, director of the original Night of the Demons (1988) is trying to get a sequel made. At the moment he has a script, crew and even an actress for demon Angela, Tiffany Shepis star of Man vs. Woman (2006) A science-fiction action film about an explosive duel between four desperate scavengers — a man, a woman, a cloned velociraptor and a heavily armed robot — fighting for survival on a desolate dry planet. From imdb

Here’s what Kevin has to say

We’ve put together an impressive . . . I mean REALLY impressive . . . crew and a kick ass script—Night Of The Demons: After-Party. It’s Halloween and we’re in a cemetery, having a party. Suddenly, there are demons and zombies everywhere, and all hell breaks loose! Literally!

To get it off the ground he’s got a kickstarter going but unfortunately he’s $200,000 short having only raised $5000 so far.

But what do you get if you invest?

We’ve got some great rewards . . . The cemetery could be named after you. You could be a demon . . . Or a walking corpse. You can even sign up to have Angela kill you on screen. What more could a horror fan want?

If we reach our goal, we’ll start working on the film over the summer, developing the special effects and locking everything down while we wait for hurricane season to be over. Then we’ll begin shooting in Louisiana in late September or October. We’ve got traditional and cutting edge online distribution lined up around the world and our goal is to release the film in time for Halloween, 2014.

So why are we asking you for money? Well, we’ve got some of it, but not all we need.  Money raised the traditional way comes with strings. “Could you tone down the blood and gore, and give us less nudity?” WTF!!! This is a horror movie! We don’t want that. You don’t want that. You want the real deal, and that’s what we want to make. 

As fans of the earlier versions already know, in the original Night Of The Demons, some “interesting” things happened with a tube of lipstick.  The 2009 remake continued the tradition and took it one step further. 

Kinda makes you wonder what might happen next, doesn’t it?

For After-Party, we want to take everything to the next level . . . to give you something you’ll really talk about. If we raise more than our goal, we’ll make it even better.  More blood, more gore, more music, more of everything you want.

So, if you’re a horror fan . . . if you want the real deal from creators who are passionate about the genre, help us get this movie made . . . pledge. And we’ll give you a horror experience you’ll never forget.

Let’s Do This!

As a fan of the original and the remake I personally want this to happen. Thinking of changing my name to Midian.

You never know

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Night of the Demons: After Party Kickstarter