Or alternatively Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes.

Found footage film about a film crew who set off to Northern California’s Lost Coast to shoot a reality show about Bigfoot. A ‘Bigfoot Hunter’ called Carl Drybeck (Frank Ashmore) claims to have in his possession a dead Bigfoot and the crew, lead by Sean Reynolds (Drew Rausch), intend to interview him and debunk his claim while filming a hit show in the process.

Staying in a small cabin in the woods, the crew set about filming their show, getting acquainted with Mr Drybeck, hearing all about his unusual life and generally scoffing at his incredible claims until, first-hand, they begin to experience one or two things themselves.

Now, this all proves to be a lot of fun. The film crew are portrayed with a fair amount of believability, each with their own attitude to the task at hand, from the nervous soundman Kevin (Noah Weisberg) to Reynolds and his excess of personality as presenter, and Mr Drybeck is a suitably gruff and world weary contrast to them.

The locations are superb, especially as we explore the surrounding area with the crew, day and night, and you genuinely get a sense of ‘this is Bigfoot country’, enough to suspend disbelief and enjoy the film.

You know, I don’t want to ruin the film and go too much into stuff that happens, the film moves at a great pace so it’s never boring if you get into it, it’s not taking itself incredibly seriously but it’s serious enough to let the tension build up nicely. I love found footage films and I think this is a sound entry; it’s the first Bigfoot found footage film I’ve seen so I was ‘up for it’ from the outset.

It’s fun, it’s very watchable and the ending is a very nice touch. Hope you enjoy it, I know I did, several times.