Liam Cunningham whom you might know from Game of Thrones, and if you don’t then start watching it now, is to star in a new Irish horror called Let us Prey by AV Pictures.

Also starring Hanna Stanbridge (Outcast 2010) and directed by Brian O’Malley, shooting is set to begin in June in Ireland and Scotland.

An enigmatic stranger is detained in the cells of a remote police station one fateful night. From his basement dungeon the charismatic loner begins to take over the minds of his fellow inmates and those of the police officers. He influences them to bend to his evil will, and their latent inner demons explode in a crazed night of blood-spilling and mayhem. Only rookie cop Rachel is able to resist him … Will she survive? Judge, jury, and executioner are waiting in Let Us Prey.

Of course she’ll survive. How often does a woman not survive in a horror film, She’s the final girl.