Hour of the Zombie – Vol. 1 (Manga Series)


Written by Tsukasa SaimuraHour of the Zombie

Illustrated by Tsukasa Saimura

Published by Seven Seas Entertainment

Suitable for ages 16+

Here at Dread Central, we love zombies. What’s not to like? The rotting and decaying flesh of undead swarms making their way towards anything that still breathes. The inner struggle of those still alive as they decide whether or not these things are still human somewhere in their cold, maggot-infested hearts. Could you kill a zombie knowing that it might become human again? The new manga Hour of the Zombie seeks to illustrate this very question.

Starting first with the design of Hour of the Zombie, there’s plenty to like. The manga opens with four full color pages and quickly shifts to the traditional black and white. The main characters are all illustrated very different from each other, whereas the rabid hordes tend to blend together. There’s minimal use of blood and gore in the grander scope of the manga, but when it is used it sticks with you. A great example is when one student is thrown to the masses as a distraction and shows up later with half of his face chomped off. That eye ball glaring at you? Yeah, it’s barely hanging in there.

What Hour of the Zombie does to differentiate itself from all the other festering crowds of zombie pop culture is that it starts in stages. While many zombie stories now start right in the middle of the apocalypse, Hour of the Zombie starts at the beginning. Still not original enough for you? Well, the thing about this zombie break-out is that the infected don’t stay rabid. What we mean to say is, they go ballistic and start nomming on people, but then they turn back into their normal selves. The students at the school start having hope that everything will be all right, but then shit hits the fan again. This happens multiple times in this inaugural volume of Hour of the Zombie. Zombies attack, zombies go back to normal, then zombies attack, then they go back to normal. When will the madness…

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