Horror Vixen Pandie Suicide Releases Her Debut Novel ‘Seraphim Song’


Seraphim SongPandie Suicide (Pandie James) has certainly made a name for herself, she’s pretty much done it all, from modelling to acting to writing and even music journalism, Pandie is the real deal. One of her projects that has got the horror world talking is her horror short Massacre, a film that she wrote and also stars in, and judging by the trailer (see below) I can see why.

But, Pandie recently rediscovered some of her old works and as such has unleashed some of them onto the world. One was her short story Vampire Summer, which quickly shot up the bestsellers list of Amazon, and now Pandie has her debut novel Seraphim Song, which has already started to create a buzz. So, head on down below for all the details you need, and hopefully we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Pandie Suicide soon.

From the Press Release:

New Zealand-born writer/actress/ filmmaker Pandie James (Massacre) recently rediscovered a treasure trove of old works she’d written as a teenager and in her early 20’s on an old hard drive. One of these treasures was ‘Vampire Summer’, a short vampire story set in her hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.

Deciding to release the short story on Amazon.com for 99c US on November 19, James was astounded by the response. By the next day the short story has sky rocketed up the charts to #26 on the scifi and fantasy short reads bestsellers and #80 on the horror short story bestsellers list, keeping company with the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, and all with zero promotion of any kind.

Seeing that people might actually be interested in reading a scary story about vampires that takes place mostly on Wellington’s Abel Smith Street and Cuba Quarter, James made the further decision to make Vampire Summer free to download for a day. Multitudes of downloads poured in, in part this time James thinks to the fact that this time she took to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the new Periscope app to…

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