Highlander (1986) PosterHighlander (1986) Review

“I have something to say!
It’s better to burn out than to fade away!”


We all know this 80s classic. Christopher Lambert plays Connor McLeod who is an immortal from the Highlands of Scotland hence the name though I have seen some modern reviews never make that connection and therefore think ‘Highlander’ is a title immortals have.

Set in 80s New York and told through flashbacks that are plentiful and do appear at any point in the film we learn he was taught about his immortality and the rules all immortals must follow from Sean Connery’s character Ramirez, an Egyptian now living as a Spaniard with a Scottish accent.

Apparently Sean did have accent lessons to give him a more Spanish sounding voice but I couldn’t tell and it doesn’t matter.

None of the inconsistencies matter and if they do then you won’t like any of the sequels.

This is more about having a good time just like Clancy Brown who plays the villain Kurgan seems to be having.

Kurgan really is one of the more disgusting baddies in movie history. Nowt more than a common thug with power but it is the way Clancy plays him that elevates him to something more memorial.
It is hard to not join with his delight when he is tormenting his hostage with a joyride through New York or to laugh with him at his deliberately bad attempt at a disguise which is only a shaved head and safety pins through his scar on his neck.

Some of the sword fights aren’t the best and neither is some the dialogue or performances but the direction is nice and flashy with plenty of exploding, destructive sets (the climatic fight is a spectacular treat for the eyes) great characters and a story that could only work in the 80s.

Also Queens soundtrack. Cannot forget that amazing soundtrack.

Highlander 2 (1991) Renegade Cut PosterHighlander 2:
Renegade Cut (1991)

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
If you don’t take it out and use it,
it’s going to rust.”


When Highlander 2: The Quickening came out it pissed off fans of the original and for good reason. It seemingly ignores a lot of the original whilst bringing in new ideas that contradict a lot of aspects from the previous entry.

Stuff like making the immortals aliens that were sent to earth.

I don’t understand what they were thinking? I mean the studio that interfered and it seems Argentinian investors that forced changes in order to make as much money as possible.

I don’t think that worked.

Anyway it pissed me off because it broke my telly. This and Ghostbusters 2. Whether watching on a video or on a TV channel both of those films caused unstoppable rolling and intense colour flickering which eventually caused it to spread to anything being viewed before the TV died.

I guess my telly wasn’t the one. I suppose you could blame me for constantly putting them on and watching them.

This removes the alien bit and has Connor and Ramirez being from the past, sent to the future as punishment for an uprising against Katana played by Michael Ironside who seems to be having fun just like Clancy was but does veer into cartoon villain territory which Clancy avoided.

On the other hand we are watching Michael Ironside and I’ve never seen him smile, laugh and make jokes as much as I have here, the same with Sean Connery who’s role now has a more light-hearted, comedic tone to it which he does well and ultimately that is how to watch this. As a bit of fun, something not to take seriously at all.

You just can’t take this seriously due to how it messes with everything set up in the original yet does have enough entertaining pieces. The flying section of Connors first fight has some very nice wirework as the actors move along at decent speed and I always loved Katana’s hijacking of the underground train.

I think the fights overall are choreographed well apart from the climatic fight which is not a patch on roof top encounter with the Kurgan and even pales to Connor and Katana’s previous encounter that is vastly superior.

But ultimately this is sadly a failure, a failure I enjoy but a sequel that should have never gone in the direction this did, or have been made. There really should’ve been only one.

See how witty I am.