Gregg Bishop to Direct Full-Length Adaption of ‘V/H/S’ Segment ‘Amateur Night’


I’ve seen it said a few times around the horror water cooler that people really enjoyed the “Amateur Night” segment from the first “V/H/S.”  I personally I thought it was probably one of the better shorts featured in that first film.  It would seem that some people in the right places also thought it had potential because now we’re getting a full-length feature based on it.

Cable network Chiller is putting together a full length adaptation of “Amateur Night” and, according to Ain’t it Cool, director Gregg Bishop will be manning the project.  Bishop, you might recall, worked on the “Dante the Great” segment of “V/H/S Viral” and also directed “Dance of the Dead.”

The new feature will be called “Siren” and is expected to be out sometime in 2016.

Gregg Bishop to Direct Full Length Adaption of V/H/S Segment Amateur Night

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